Gainsborough Greens Golf Club is the home of the GG veterans golfing group and as such gives major support to the Veterans group.

HALCYON is a major supporter of golf. They are the developer of the award winning Halcyon Greens lifestyle village adjacent to the Gainsborough Greens golf course. Through their golf membership packages, as part of their home sales offers, many golfers and new golfers have been attracted to the area.

Halcyon also sponsor the following:

Naming sponsor for the Trainee Pro tournament held recently (2020) at Gainsborough.

Supporting the GG Veterans Golfers Association by sponsoring the Monthly Charity Day and the annual Charity Day playoff and lunch.

A sponsor for the annual District Veterans Association match held at Gainsborough, usually in April each year.

Sponsor for regular (nominally every two weeks) shotgun tournaments for its residents attracting up to 100 participants.

Subsidising weekly group golf lessons for Halcyon ladies.

Sponsor for the annual Halcyon lifestyle villages residents golf tournament played by their nine (and growing) locations. (field up to 120 players)