Eagles Nest

Current number of balls available = 14 as at 11th July 2024. 

Winners for 2024:

Keith Bigg: 53 balls 7th March 6th hole. 

Glenn Jones: 20 balls 20th May 5th hole 

Keith Bigg : 12 balls 13th June 11th hole

Winners for 2023:

Not won.

Winners for 2022:

Keith Jenner 36 balls for Eagle on the 18th on  December 17th.

Winners for 2021:

1. Paul Muddle, 1st July 23 balls

2. Russ Thomson 9th hole - Keith Biggs 11th hole : 8 balls each.

3. Glenn Jones wins 26 balls 17th March - hole 11

A player will qualify to receive the contents of the Eagles nest by eagling any hole (provided it is not abnormally shortened) on a Thursday Vets competition other than the Fun Day.

Abnormally shortened will not apply to men playing on hole "19", the Ladies 16th tee box, the ladies 8th tee box or any other hole when designated for the day's competition. 

The Eagles Nest will commence with one notional box of golf balls and on each playing day an additional notional ball will be added (with the exception of the Fun Day). The "nest" when won will be paid in the form of a club voucher calculated at the rate of $4/ball. The voucher can be used in the Proshop or in the bar/bistro.

In order to claim, the Eagles nest the member must notify the GG Professional within one hour of completing the round.