Monthly Medal Winners

Monthly Medals are Stroke competitions held on the first Thursday of each Month. Winners are eligible to play in the Medal of Medals competition at the conclusion of the year. Ties will be decided by count-back in the normal way.

For 2021 onward Gross winners will be acknowledged in a small way.

The final will be played in the December Monthly Medal.

Division 1 2022

December Flood

January Ray Joo

February Frank Ah Lo

March Stephen Daniels

April Jin Joo

May Peter Borys

June Paul Muddle

July Greg Crone

August Peter Borys

Sept Neil King

Oct Peter Borys

Nov Keith Big

Division 2 2022

December Flood

January Gene Stuart

February Robert Ward

March Doug Hart

April Mick Richards

May Peter Henningsen

June Greg Skipper

July Andre Lusan

August Robert Ward

Sept Ron Walboom

Oct David Cooper

Nov Alan Fitt

Ladies 2022

December Flood

January Christine Bell

February Robyn Provians

March Kay Brown

April Susan Adams

May Alice Szakowski

June Leslie Hart

July Alice Szakowski

August Jennifer Daniels

Sept Joan Tansley

Oct Gail James

Nov Judy Stephen

Note: December winners (other than the Playoff group) play for the Medal of Medals in December the following year.

Medal of Medals Winners for 2021

Division 1 - Glenn Jones - Division 2 - Ian Williams - Ladies - Alice Szakowoski

Medal of Medals Winners for 2020

Division 1 - Rex Bell - Division 2 - Garry Fisher - Ladies - Christine Bell

Medal of Medals Winners for 2019

Division 1 - John Hermann - Division 2 - Rex Bell - Ladies- Alice Szakowski