Monthly Medal Winners 2024

Monthly Medals are Stroke competitions held on the first Thursday of each Month. Winners are eligible to play in the Medal of Medals competition at the conclusion of the year. Ties will be decided by count-back in the normal way.

The final will be played in the December Monthly Medal.

Mens Division 1

December Paul Copland

January Not Played

February Gary Boulton

March Keith Bigg

April Peter George

May Peter Boys

June Richard Clayton

July John Cheeseman





Mens Division 2

December Ken Jones

January Not Played

February Peter Staples

March Kim Jones

April Peter Erwin

May Ron Walboom

June Ron Walboom

July Noel Kelly





Ladies Division

December Carita Cunningham

January Not Played

February Judy Stephen

March Leah Morrison

April Julie Lusan

May Julie Lusan

June Leah Morrison

July Jenny Boylan





Note: December winners (other than the Playoff group) play for the Medal of Medals in December the following year. 

Medal of Medals Winners for 2023

Division 1 - Bill Houghton -  Division 2 -William Jacobson-  Ladies - Alice Szakowoski

Medal of Medals Winners for 2022

Division 1 - Frank Ah Lo  -  Division 2 - Ron Walboom-  Ladies - Alice Szakowoski

Medal of Medals Winners for 2021

Division 1 - Glenn Jones  -  Division 2 - Ian Williams  -  Ladies - Alice Szakowoski

Medal of Medals Winners for 2020

Division 1 - Rex Bell  -  Division 2 - Garry Fisher  -  Ladies - Christine Bell

Medal of Medals Winners for 2019

Division 1 - John Hermann  -  Division 2 - Rex Bell  -  Ladies- Alice Szakowski