Par Bisque

Rules for Par Bisque

  • Par Bisque is a variation on a standard par event, except the player can decide when and how many handicap strokes he or she will use on each hole.

  • This decision is made AFTER completing each hole. The player informs their marker of how many handicap strokes they wish to use for the completed hole. Over the course of 18 holes the total number of handicap strokes used cannot exceed the players’ handicap.

  • The handicap used and par score gained on any previous holes cannot be altered once the next hole is commenced. Any handicap not utilised by the end of the round is lost.

  • Marking the card is done by recording the stroke score in the first row, the number of handicap strokes taken in the second row and the resultant par score of “+”, “0” or “-“ in the third row. At the completion of play the second row should be totalled and must not exceed the players’ handicap whilst the third row should be totalled and entered at the top of the score card as the players result.